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About to give up & sell


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So I bought a vive recently & no matter what I try to do with settings it all still looks blurry for me. Some games the colour & brightness is to much. I have watched many youtube vids, playing with the sampling etc but to no avail. 


I have a 980TI 

I7 4790

Any tips please before I give up and stick it on eBay.


Thank you

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A couple of comments: 

  • Most importantly, does the image look "blurry" to other guests that use the HMD?
    • If so, you probably shouldn't sell the HMD as it
  • Do you have any vision impairments? In some cases, specific astigmatism geometries may simply make it impossible to focus on the screen in combination with the lenses. You'd have to have a pretty severe astigmatism in most cases though. 
  • I'm sure you've tried to adjust the IPD but have you tried to adjust the eye relief (distance from the lenses to your eyes)? Some people must extend the lenses outward for their eyes to properly focus on the screen.
  • Fresnel lenses have "sweet spots" - you have to physically move the HMD around your face to find a position that place these sweet spots in the correct place. 


Lastly, it's important to remember this is first consumer gen-VR. The image should definitely be in focus and sharp - that said, there are pretty definitive resolution limits of the display and elements like text will always be somewhat blurry on the Vive (this improves dramatically with the Vive Pro). 

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