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Vive, Steam, and Unreal - How do they interact, if at all?


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Since SteamVR needs to be used to run a Vive game (and I noticed all my Steam apps show up in Vive), is there any connection between a Steam AppID and the corresponding Vive Rift Game AppID?


For instance, in Unreal, I can use a number of Steam features such as friends, leaderboards, matchmaking, etc. through the various OnlineSubSystems. Are those available with Vive as well? If so, how is an app on Vive associated with that on Steam? Since those features require authentication through Steam, which requires a Steam AppID, I can't wrap my head around how this is supposed to work. Do I simply plug in the Vive AppID in place of the SteamID when configuring Unreal and the Steam plugin?


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