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SteamVR gives error 306 with wireless adapter


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Vive Wireless Adapter Error 306

When I boot up SteamVR, I get "Error: Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)".

I am using a Vive Pro with the attachment kit. The Vive wireless app is able to connect.


 SteamVR works just fine when plugged in with the cable.


CPU: Intel 8086K

GPU: RTX 2080

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Re-install SteamVR

Try SteamVR Beta

Re-install Vive Wireless

Try with normal vive (non-pro)

Restart between uninstalls/installs


using provided cable with adapter



I noticed that if I plug in the vive to the link box normally and get it working, then unplug it and plug it into the wireless adapter, It tracks (as seen in the display mirror) but no video shows up on the vive.

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