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Wireless is super flaky


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I installed the wireless kit with my Vive Pro (Asus ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard, Ryzen CPU). I put it in the one x1 slot available, and it seemed to work well, except I couldn't get through a single Beat Saber song without it freezing the system.


Googling, it seems I need to try other PCI slots. So I put it in a PCIEX8 slot. The software couldn't find it at all. I put it in a PCIEX4 slot, and it finds it, and VIVE Wireless says READY, but also says "Headset not detected," even though I could hear the beeps coming from the headset.


What gives?

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After trying different slots to no avail, I found a line in a Vive doc that said to be sure to disconnect the cable between the link box and the graphics card because it might "confuse" things. Well, disconnecting that has allowed me to play a couple tracks in Beat Saber with no apparent issues.


I am curious, though, if I can get a better framerate depending on which slot the wireless card is in.


Also, it still shows the message about the headset not being found, even though it seems to work fine.

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, Is SteamVR reporting HMD not found but it actually is functioning? That's pretty weird.


The wireless adapter is designed to enable you to plug in a wired HMD and have it work without needing to physically uninstall the PCI-E card. If you plug in a display cable (HDMI, DP) from your GPU -> the linkbox, SteamVR will look for a wired HMD. If you leave just the power and USB plugged into the linkbox, it will deffer to the Wireless adapter pathway but still enable BT power management of 1.0 basestations via the linkbox. 


Aside from any BIOS specific oddness that dictates how your PCI-E slots preform, as others have stated, the main bottleneck for alot of people will be the additional CPU load required to make the system work. Ultimately though, the performance of your slots is entirely dependent on your MoBo design and the BIOS settings that dictate their functionality. The adapter is designed for use in 1X slots followed by 4X slots. How your BIOS manages those slots gets very specific; for example, people with the same MoBo model may have different hardware revisions or firmware/BIOS versions. The "Gen 3" thing described is worth looking into but we've really only seen that report limited to that thread. 


Since you're running on a Ryzen, it could certainly be related to the problems being tracked in this thread - that investigation is still ongoing and I would be sure to log your issues with the manager who posted in that thread. 

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Thanks, David. The link to the Ryzen thread seems to 404.


I think mine is working, now that I've removed the Display Port cable between the GPU and the Link Box. I'll update this thread if additional use reveals more instability.


The wireless card is in a x4 slot now, but I can try moving it back to the x1 slot. None of those slots is Gen 3, though, only the x16/x8 slots are, and the software never sees the card when placed in those slots.

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