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VIVEPORT Never got free games, did you?


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I joined in September after receiving the email stating that I coukd get up to $100 free VR games for me to keep if I joined for 12 months. That the codes would be sent on the 20th September to my email. So I joined the 20th came and went and never received my codes. I've contacted HTC / Vive twice since via chat in the UK. The guy on chat didn't know anything about the offer and kept assuming I ment the games you select each month. Second time I was promised that someone in tech support would deal with it but never heard anything back. Its sad that I've had to chase so hard and no resulting in posting here in the hope something may eventually happen but I doubt it. Did you sign and did you get your game codes? I actually have a youtube channel with a niche but decent sub base, i may just do a review on Viveport now given these experiences.

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Hi ,

I'm trying to look into your post. Can you please forward me the promotional email in question to david_romero@htc.com? I want to ensure that we're 100% on the same page before escalating this further. 


A quick guess is that you may be confusing the promo material's value proposition - It may be stating that a subscription provides access to content that would otherwise cost 100's of dollars. In any case, let's get to the bottom of this so we can improve upon the process. 

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