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HTC VIVE PRO Dashboard dont work

Mario Moretti

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Hi guys

I have a problem : the dashboard does not start. I tried to completely reinstall the software and drivers of the VIve Pro , I tried to manually launch the dash as administrator (but the dash is already active in windows processes even before the manual launch) but nothing happen.

Any suggestion?? there is a way to activate the dash in the Steam Vr setting that i have missed?

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, Are you talking about the SteamVR compositor dashboard? "Dashboard" is a generic term; a SteamVR instance can have numerous dashboards (Steam, Viveport, Setting, Advanced settings...ect) which all correlate to what's referred to as the SteamVR Dashboard. 


This option is controlled in SteamVR's settings -> Developer -> Enable VR dashboard (make sure it's checked on)

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Problem solved!

problem caused by failure to understand the language: in Italian enable dashboard in steam vr is translated in "Activate Panel R.V." . Only now I understand that the panel R.V. is = dashboard
I have activated the panel and now the dashboard works.
Thanks for fast reply
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Posting an update here as SteamVR's UI has changed.


To disable/enable dashboards you now go to SteamVR -> Settings -> Applications and then scroll through the list to find apps that are listed as "Dashboard Overlay". Selecting one will allow you to quickly enable/disable it.


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