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Base died after a Firmware update


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Hi, So I just updated all my firmware and after I updated the last base it just went completely dead. I did everthing as the SteamVR app told me to correctly. But after the last base was updated it dosnt power up anymore when I plug the power cable in. I've tried the other power cable too and nothing. The other base works fine with any of the power cables. So this leads me to believe that the firmware just killed it?

Is there something I can do about the firmware to make it work again?

When I plug the usb cable in I can see the firmware.bin file on the base.

Anything I can do myself to make it work again?

Would really love to get this working, I just bought my HTC Vive 3 days ago,

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Okay I will try that, but is there no way I can fix it myself?

I'm thinking since I can actually see the firmware.bin file, can I not just get a file to replace it?

If that is what is the problem?

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While you probably won't make it any worse than it is, there's no functioning manual firmware update option. The software tool exists for the pre-dev versions back when Valve was still engineering the design, but it's not compatible with the current models and in fact, some users have bricked their otherwise working base stations by trying to use the deprecated firmware tool.


-John C

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Actually you are wrong about that. I contacted the support and they sent me a pdf with 12 simple steps to manually install the firmware and force a new update. It worked too!!

My base is now fully functioning after doing those instructions they gave me.

The files are actually already in a steam folder on my computer, the support staff David told me they did this excatly because of this has happend before.


This is the PDF that was sent to me:


We can follow some steps; the fix has worked successfully for several users, so we shipped the required files in the latest beta.  
You can find the files under your SteamVR install directory. The easiest way to get there is to right click on SteamVR in Steam, select Properties, click on the Local Files tab and Browse Local Files... Once there the firmware files live in:  
If you cant access this path from Local Files Tab the full default directory would be
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\tools\lighthouse\firmware\lighthouse_tx\archive\htc_2.0
And you will need two files:  * lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin  * lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12.bin  
The procedure is much like upgrading manually, but you do it twice, once with the fix-up firmware which will try to fix the base station, then once it has completed the fix, again with the current latest firmware. Please try these steps:  
1. With the base station unpowered, connect via a micro-B USB cable to your PC.  2. Hold the mode button down and plug in the power lead.  3. You can release the button once it enumerates as a USB mass storage device.  4. The drive will be called “CRP_DISABLED” and contain one file “firmware.bin”, delete that file.  5. Copy over onto the drive the “lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-calibration-rescue-244.bin” file.  6. Once the copy is complete, pull out the power lead.  7. Wait a few seconds then plug in the power again. Be sure not to press the mode button while powering it up this time.  8. In a couple of seconds it should rapidly flash green or red. Green means it succeeded.  9. If it is flashing red that means it couldn’t automatically fix it and I’ll need to look at the unit to work out why.  10. Unplug the power again.  11. Repeat steps 1 thru 7 but using the “lighthouse_tx_htc_2_0-244-2016-03-12.bin” firmware file instead of the rescue one.  12. The base should now be working again, confirm by setting its mode to "A" and tracking with it alone (the other base turned off). Once it is confirmed working you can add back the other base.

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