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Vive and Vive Pro freeze on 2080ti


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Having a issue with my Vive Pro and Vive.
Game freeze but I can hear the audio playing of the game.

All started when I installed the new 2080ti with 411.70 drivers.
Both Vives work great on my other PC(driver version 399.XX) on a Titan X.
Tried alot of stuff, seems to be related to steamVR(beta OR non beta), nVidia Drivers or GPU displayport.
GPU is however working as it should in all other non VR games, and performance is great.

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We’ve seen a few reports of people having issues with the RTX drivers but as so few users have RTX cards the sample size is pretty small. Typically we’d normally recommend a driver rollback but as the RTX line is brand new, there isn’t a ton of options. Prior to the 411.70 update, which driver set was working for you? As far as I can tell, 411.63 is the oldest branch that’s available – that may be worth a shot. We were able to help someone with a 416.16 issue earlier by simply uninstalling and reinstalling that package but who knows if that’s a reproducible occurrence. Using DDDU may increase your odds of success. As with all Nvidia drivers issues, fixing this may be in the hands of Nvidia alone. 

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Nope, didnt help.

DDU and clean install, tried newest drivers and oldest(only got 3 drivers to choose from.

I even tried HDMI to Og Vive(to se if it has anything to do with the displayport).

I give up, cant play VR as is right now.

Reported to nvidia, seen alot of posts of simmilar issues.


Wish there was something i missed.


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The issue was not related to the drivers or the gpu.
It was hardware related, power cable from my modular PSU was damaged(had a new RM750X).
It took time to sort this out, prolly been wrong all the time with my 1080ti, but the power draw has been so "small" the one lane from the 1080ti, so the PSU was able to keep up.

If ppl have any freezes, crashes etc, USE MSI Afterburner and downclock the powerlimit alot, does it resolve the problem...check ur PSU for issues.

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