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Dropped frames vive wireless


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Since yesterday ,the proud owner of the Wireless adapter for my PRO.

My PC setup is 


Asus z170-a

i7 6700 k

asus rog 1080 ti

16 gb ram 

Vive Pro full set 

wireless vive adapter 

5X Vive trackers.


Unfortunatly having major dropped frame issues and overall poor resolution.

Things i have tried.

1: Updated all drivers (Inc bios and GPU)

2:complete reinstall (steam and PC)

3:USB Power management deactivation.

4:Bios NIC reconfiguration

5: wireless mouse and keyboard removal (PC)

6:Async and interleaved (On and OFF)

7:Enable always on Reprojection (Off and the ON)

8:bluetooth drivers (on and Off)

9:all application resolutions down to 100% (with the cable able to project at 140%)

10:Kicked the the table and cried very loudly.


Talked to support who were not able to help, thus reaching out here for other possible solutions .

thanks  Jae



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