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Wireless Adapter: "Headset not detected"


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Just brought home my vive wireless adapter
Installed my WiGig card
Installed the software
Paired up the wireless adapter

and then... 

Headset not detected.

I've tried restarting the pc, restarting the wireless software, restarting the drivers but i cant get it to detect my headset. the LED on the side of the vive remains red and the screen remains off. I also tried using my original long vive cable inbetween the headset and the module but this gave no better results

HTV Vive Pre (with Deluxe Audio Strap)
Asus X99-E WS motherboard
Intel i7 5960X CPU
32GB ddr4 Corsair ram
EVGA 980Ti 

W8.1 x64 

Any ways to get more info on "why" the headset is not detected? 
Are there any logfiles or other troubleshooting tools i can use besides the indicator "it no workie" ?

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MissStabby, I've had that happen a couple of times both wired and wireless.  The first time it happened, wired, I rebooted SteamVR and it still didn't detect.  I turned off the link box then ran SteamVR then turned the link box on.


Once you turn the link box on or turn the wireless battery on, you should hear the Win10 "detected" sound indications (three of them).  If not, then my money is on a conflict or a problem with detection.

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I have tried to run it with everything unplugged but the wireless transmitter cable.
Without any good results.

Also turning my linkbox off and on as was suggested before, though this would be able to help me since any disconnection of the linkbox seems to throw a 308 error until i reboot my PC. (for the regular "wired" operation)

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Simple thing but i made this mistake.


When swopping the longer cable with the short.. there are 4 connections.


Go from power and work back. So power...usb..hdmi..


You shoukd have a spare usb socket.

Its a easy mistake to make.



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My Setup (Gaming):
Windows 10 64Bit
GeForce GTX 1080

AMD FX-9590
Vive(A) with Audiostrab

Setup NR.2 (Work):
Windows 10 64Bit
GeForce GTX 1080Ti
Intel I7-7700K
Vive(B) with Audiostrab

I Having the same problem, but didn't connected the USB wrong. (Tested, disconnected the cables whom where connected to the adapter and put them in the wired Linkbox, therfore i got a proper working headset[Gaming]).
I had the oppertunity to test my wireless adapter on another PC/Vive (Work) setup, where the adapter worked very well.

On the Second Setup i saw right after succesful WiGig connection some USB installations, therfore i checked the Windows log an found that some drivers from DisplayLink, wherent installed on my first setup. Tried to install them afterwards and checked if the Display gets connected now, but still the issue as the OP.

Best regards

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On my Gaming setup GPU (1080)Driver Version:
On my Work Setup GPU (1080Ti)Driver Version
Im not sure which one is the correct wireless adatper USB driver, but did the developer uninstall steamvr driver.

Still not working

Collected logs over 
"Wireless System Info"
Found an interesting entry in HtcCU_xxxx_.txt:
"USB node not found"


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