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Faulty cable shipped / told gtx980ti wont work


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After 5 hours today trouble shooting. Told my gtx980ti will not work with vive wireless. I finally got it working. The fault was the short 3 in 1 cable.

Just used longer cable and wrapped it up tightly on vive.


Finally got 20 miutes of play after charging for 3 hours with original vive plugs.


So we have to buy a quick charger ?


I was told i cant buy a new cable. So will see what eu support say, whenever they get back to me.


All in all a day wasted. Im charging now on usb v3 (blue). See how that goes.

Anyone got a solution ?




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, just a quick comment on the charging portion: In most countries, the controller chargers that ship with the Vive output 100mA. A USB 3.0 port outputs 900mA and thus will charge dramatically faster. That said, you probably have a 1-2 amp smartphone charger laying around which will be even quicker. For fastest results, use a QC 3.0 enabled adapter. While it is a QC3 battery, charging at higher voltages may impact your batteries longterm lifespan. A GTX980 may not deliver the best performance with the wireless adapter. Although it has a higher raw calculations output than a 1060 (the minimum requirement) it doesn't have any of the Turing architecture. 


I've flagged support about the 3-in-1. 

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Thank you for flagging.


I learnt a lot about chargers tonight !! But a charger should have being shipped. Should not have to google solutions to problems vive knew would come up.


Ill order a fast charger v3 2amp on ebay later.

And a battery pack with same spec as vive.


Also ordered a 1070ti card just now.


Vr is not cheap !!

My power pack is still on one green bar ( light) after 50 mins on usb 3..and 1 hour on vive power plug.


Might get 20 mins play later before sleep !

I know its new tech..but ...




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