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High Failure Rate for Base Station 2.0?


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Well, out of the blue, well after it was mounted properly on a wall and was working for many days, a base station 2.0 has started blinking red. I’ve tried to power cycle it, but it’s still blinking red. The base station was never abused or damaged. It was carefully mounted on the wall, and power was not provided for it until it was securely attached to the support. Nor was it ever moved or adjusted with the power turned on.


This is the second base station I’ve had turn to blinking red status. The first one was sent back to Vive and was replaced. Disappointing to say the least. My IT department (I work at a college) is going to start wondering about the overall quality and suitability of the Vive Pro at our college if this continues and I don’t get it resolved.

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Basestation 2.0's are manufactured by Valve and not HTC which complicates this issue. We're always happy to preform the RMA and facilitate the repair process with Valve - if you haven't already please initiate an RMA process with us via the same care route you took last time. Since it's Valve's technology, you may want to reach out to them to address your concerns about the hardware directly.  

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