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Do I need a certain DP to Mini DP for the VIVE to work?


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So I plan on purchasing a Vive soon. Not the pro, just the normal one. But while watching installation videos to prepare, I noticed it would require two HDMI ports on my computer. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card, and I guess it only has 1 HDMI, 3 display ports, and 1 VGA output. After doing some research I found out I can use a displayport to mini displayport instead. Do I need to use the one on the VIVE website or just any DP to mini DP? https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/vive-dp-connect-cable/    This is the one listed on their website, but I just want to know if I NEED to use this one. Is there something certain about this cable that other cables can't do? 


Thanks for even reading this


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  • Vive requires only 1 HMDI lead, not two.
  • You basically want to use a 4K@60hz enabled cable. With DP, the shorter the better and you'll want to use one that's 1 meter for best results but 2m may work depending on manufacturer. Cable matters tends to be a good choice for low cost cabling. 
  • I often recommend using HDMI for the Vive and Displayport for your montiors. Displayport can be a very frustrating format at times; especially when troubleshooting. 
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