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Virtual object orientation 90 degrees off


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In Virtual Sports the paddle and or raquet are 90 degrees off from the orientation of the vive controller. 

The Virtual Controller's orientation correctly matches the orientation and position of the real controller.

This is a new problem.  Last time I played was about a week ago and everything was OK.  How do I fix this?

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Followed the instructions for v1527117754 - 6/21/2018 hotfix that created a new problem when I tried using VIVE Wireless


I guess the hotfix does not support VIVE Wireless.


On the original problem I also tried using the vive trackers.  That was even more screwed up.  In soccer it had one of the controllers (hand held device) as my left foot.  The right foot was OK.  Don't know what it did with what should have been the left foot.  I am a software engineer so I have to ask did they  do a formal qual on steamvr before releasing this latest version?  Or did they just release it once it compiled clean?

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, Sorry - I didn't know you were on wireless and wouldn't have recommended that you did. I'll be sure to flag that in the future when recommending rollbacks as that's something that needs to be accounted for nowadays.  


We'll probably just have to wait to hear back from the developers if it's an intergration issue. 


Per the tracker thing; that's likely releated to this:  https://steamcommunity.com/games/250820/announcements/detail/1697186829260359619 

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i bought 3 trackers  but have not tried to conect yet still in the box

i did update the vive light house and the control wands

i did buy and am using the vive wireless head set apratus for my htc vive  i bought it new for 300 dollers from best buy

i did not get the vive pro  yet too expencive after just spending 6Hundred dollers 

o yes i did order vr gear lense kit to replace the crappy optics lense 60 dollers on ebay 

i know the best fix for bad optics is a new head set   but i made a choice  i cant aford to keep spending and i wanted to have body tracking  so i can play the dance games os i chose the trackers over the vive pro


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