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Frustration Alleviation through Communication?

Jack Hammer

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Like many others I'm currently pretty put out over the the whole "wireless adapter doesn't work on Ryzen" situation.


So I'm wondering why the official radio silence over the past three weeks?  It's infuriating people because they're frustrated and they see no visible progress or priority being given to the problem.


Now, this doesn't mean it's not being worked on.  It just means we aren't hearing any meaningful updates about the problem.


So why doesn't HTC have a Trello page or something like some other major companies are doing to show the priority and progress on bug fixes and problem solutions?


At the very least, it would help stem some of the anger currently being gathered by HTC.  If the people see at least progress updates, that would let them know their problem really is being worked on, rather than some post from three weeks ago saying it was being worked on then utter silence since.

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I agree. I understand that issues arise with new products but the fact that they haven't mentioned anything in 3 weeks is incredibly frustrating and an extremely poor way to manage this issue because like you said, we don't know what kind of priority this has been given or if they even have any idea why it's happening.

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Absolutely agreed. I also STILL do not see anything on the website about the adapter being incompatible with Ryzen, only that it requires a minimum AMD FX™ 8350 or better -- despite them being aware of this problem for weeks now. That wouldn't tell me not to purchase this or hold off; if I wasn't following the subreddit I wouldn't have thought to look it up. Not only are some consumers unaware that this is a problem, there has been no communication as to whether or not this will be or can be resolved.


To their credit, I was offered a refund. I will probably take it, only because there has been very little communication over this issue and I have no idea how long I might expect to wait (if they can fix it) or what kind of priority they've put on it. It would be great to know what progress has been made so far so that I could make a more informed decision. I would hate to return it now, only to find out they were close to pushing out a fix for it, and have to turn around and wait for a new one to arrive.

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