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Vive Wireless Adapter DCP Watchdog Violation Blue Screen


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I have included a screen shot of my system specs.
I have just received and set up the Vive Wireless Adapter.

I am able to play games (OrbusVR) for between 1-10 minutes before my computer freezes and crashes giving me the DCP Watchdog Violation error.  Looking online I have tried several possible fixes all have failed.
1) run chkdsk /f/r from cmd prompt and restart.
2) Uninstall and reinstall all USB drivers (after making a recovery point)
3) Roll back my Nvidia Driver
4) Reinstalled Lastest Nvidia Driver directly from website
5) Run clean disk and defragment
6) Reset PC and reinstall all files
7) Turn on each piece of Vive gear one at a time slowly.

When it is working, prior to crashing, I have full signal, no lag, no issues.   
The moment before crashing, there is no issues, one second I am performing an action in the game, and next second, I see blue in my headset, computer frozen, few more seconds, computer restarts to blue screen and DCP WatchDog Violation.

I have re-hooked up the wired connection for now until I can resolve this issue.

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I've been having same exact issue. I had to reformat/fresh install everything anyways that didn't do **bleep**. . I have a ryzen 7, so I'm thinking it's an issue with ryzen processor or maybe motherboard?. Seems to only run without issues hard wired, for now wireless adapter is useless.. If you figure out the issue please post.

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This is the statement  is referring to: https://blog.vive.com/us/2018/11/16/update-vive-wireless-adapter-ryzen-chipsets/ 


In short, we're working with AMD and motherboard manufacturers on the issue but it's an issue deeply routed in the hardware layer and we'd recommend taking advantage of the exceptions return policy outlined in the blog if the adapter happens to be incompatible with your PC. 




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