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Grey/black out screens


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I reset my laptop a few days ago, and have just reinstalled the vive to it.

I should start with my previous set up.

No Sync cable.
No firmware update.
4m distance between base stations.
roof beam hangs, creating a small LoS (never was an issue, as the station could still communicate)

Current set up
Yes Sync cable
Yes Firmware update
4m distance between stations still
and still in the same room.

I updated the firmware and Sync'd the stations because I'm getting a constant grey out screen.
It's un-usable.
I've tried deleting Steamvrconfig aswell.
Nothing has seemed to have fixed my issue.
I am about to attempt a reinstall of the Vive software now, but I'm starting Forum for incase it does not work.

In the Steam room set up, I have always choosen "standing" set up, as I normally just play Elite dangerous.

My specs:
i7 2.80Ghz
16Gb ram
GTX 1060
Software installed on an m.2 drive.
(This is a laptop, but has been working perfectly prior to the reset).

Any Help would be greatly appreciated

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