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how to use mouse to control VR headset for testing of dementia patients


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Hello guys,


Do you know whether I can control my VR environment with a mouse and keyboard? My patients (dementia patients) will have the headset (HTC Vive Pro) on their heads, but I need to be in control of what they see. Do you have any recommendations on how to do that?


Thank you and best regards,


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SteamVR: Unfortunately this is outside of the outside of the current use case for aspects of the SteamVR ecosystem. This is not supported at the compositor level (SteamVR) and I don't know of any accessibility apps that would be useful in the case. You may be able to write something custom for OpenVR but it would be an undertaking for sure. The most advanced compositor accessibility add-on is WalkInVR but it doesn't 


Per app: Depending on the apps you're using, the developer can certainly code in this feature but it has to be hardcoded into the app for it to work. Are you using other developer's content or are you generating your own? If you're using others - you're kinda stuck with what they have on tap - you can encourage them to create "arcade" or "demo" modes but it's up to them to implement it. If you're using your own app, you do have the ability to code it in bearing in mind that OpenVR/SteamVR will be your limiting factor in some cases. 

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