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Viveport Crahing on installation


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I have seen a few posts describing this issue and some users say that the issue was resolved for them after one of these three steps 1. Restart computer 2. Turn off Anti-Virus software 3. change default Web browser. However, none of these including several other attempts have had any affect on the problem. I Run the ViveportSetup.exe as an administrator, agree to terms and conditions, then I'm taken to a screen asking me to sign into viveport. Once I click that button the browser pops up. I get a 40% of the time I get a successful login the other 60% the site can't be reached, either way makes no difference because viveport then crashes.


After troubleshooting for a while, getting nowhere, I decided getting the 600$ piece of equipment working was more important than most the data on my C drive and completely Re-installed windows including Netframework 4.7.2 and windows SP1. Still the problem persists. Can anyone help?

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, Let's collect logs, that's by far the best way to figure out what's up. I am sending you a PM with instructions on how to find and share these logs to us.


In the meantime, you can just install SteamVR through Steam to begin using your device. Steam typically detects you have an HMD plugged in and will prompt you to install SteamVR.

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