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Vive wireles heat


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Hi so I got my vive wireles adapter tried it 2 times and wrote to vive asking for a refund since I got paranoia right now.


After 1 hour of play time the wireless adapter gets got and emmits heat through my audio deluxe strap and the back of my head get's warm and uncomfortable, to the point when I can feel a slight well soft pain. Anyhow I'm afraid I'll get bald and also after I stoped using the wive the feeling of warmth stays for like a good couple of hours.


I asked my uncle to try it, he says that the warmth is natural but he doesn't feel it to be too bad all tho he has realy thick black hair.


Anyhow anyone got any tips ideas or somehting maybe there's a strap or hat I could use? I thought of putting the wireles adapter onto a little belt with the battery and connect it via the long 3 in one cable, that would solve the heating problem but would the long cable couse latency problems or even work ?

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I crafted a little thing that keeps the wireless adapter above the head set, basically a plastic square, if you bend a ruler 3 times you'll get it. One side on the vive the other has the wireles adapter resting on it and there is air between them, since air is good issolation, after my play sesion idk 2hours + I didn't feel the heat at all and even after taking of the headset there were no repercusions I felt good. Only problem that the thing might feel slight uncomfortable I think I might trie making it a bit smaller.


But this just prooves the fact that the heat is real and bad and easily fixable. I'm just wanderin maybe wearing a hat would halp and I could use it normaly or just make the same thing I did but really small that would have just a gap of 1cm between the wireless and the head set might help.

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