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Returning a game


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I just bought Accounting+ and I would like to return it. When I go to lookup my order it says it can't be found. Can I please just return this thing? I also reached out to Vive chat support already. Any help would be appreciated.



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I was trying to use the Returns and Cancelations page but it said it couldn't find my order. I am assuming that is hardware only? The game does show up in my library in the Viveport page. I would like to return the game because I mistakingly thought I was going to get a Steam key. I do not want to download the Viveport software. Can I please get a refund? Thank you. 

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Viveport is a cross platform store so it's separated out from the HW pages. Viveport order history is housed at: https://www.viveport.com/myorder.


In any case we're happy to look it, please shoot a PM to  with your request and the email address associated with your account (and if possible the order number), he'll process the request. Note that due to the weekend, it will take a little longer than normal.

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