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Handsfree Transitioning Between VR and Camera Views

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I'm currently working on a project where I will be switching between the HTC Vive Pro's VR view and that of the external cameras. At the moment, I need to go into Steam VR to enable the cameras and manually make the transition. Ideally, I would like to program a method that would allow me to switch views by a head movement using the Vive Pro's built in gyroscopes and accelerometers; however, I'm unsure how to do so.

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You can enter and  exit the roomview by double tapping the system button (as long as room view it enabled within SteamVR's settings).  

Otherwise, to do what you're describing, you'd have to write an OpenVR plugin or code it into your app. For OpenVR, you'll want to look at IVRTrackedCamera. 


There is a Unity blog on how to use tron mode within the engine here which could form the basis of a runtime effort to achieve this. 


Overall, it's probably easiest and safest for your neck to just use the doubletap option. 

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