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HTC VIVE and customer service

VRgame Denmark

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Lets start easy

We are an VR arcade located in Denmark Currently running 10 KatVR Simulators 4 Driving Simulators and 4 Roomsetups. selling between 3-5 HTC VIVES a month, promoting it to more than 30 customors a day and all because i think they have a great product.

We are allso running Oculus Rift, we had one breaking down but there was noting they just sended us a new one same week.


Back in July 04/07-2018 we contact HTC Vive support (Danish Support)

First everything was going fine whit no problems and i explained the one of our 14 HTC Vives had stoped working after 3 month of use. Ofc we have lots of custemers using it but no real damage had heppend to the VIVE, because we bought all our VIVE from the KatVR we had no real receipt.

but thet wasent a problem, we just had to send them the receipt for the whole KatVR.


Forward 3 days 07/07-2018

i get a replay from our Danish Support saying that UPS was on the way to pick it up and ship.

10 minuts latere UPS was there ready to pick up. (Amazing service)

Unfortunately that wasent for long


Forward 4 more days and i contact our Danish support. 11/07-2018

we just had another HTC VIVE breaking down, again this wasent a problem we just had to send it in to there service team.

BUT same day i get a word back from Service team telling me that our HTC VIVE had one of it's waterstickers warranty broken, and warranty wasent going to cover the repair. 275 Dollar's
not understanding of how the water warranty was broken since at no point it had been in contact whit physical water, i reached out to our Danish support. And explained to him that the only way Water cut have broken it is if sweat had leaked in. (and of course i expectede HTC to know that when you use any hardware for a physical activity i expect it to be at least sweat prove).

but no


Forward 5 more days 16/07-2018 alots of phonecall and emails whit no response (every day we have a breakdown it costs us money).

so our Danish support gets back to us telling me that there was nothing he cut do and we eather had to pay 275 dollers for repair or 60 dollers to get i send back to us.

at present we had 3 dead HTV VIVES (all ''water'' damage).

so what did i do ?

well i opened up one of the HTC to see what all this water damage was about.

what i noticed was this little hole in the bottme of the VIVE plastick box leading all sweat right in to the VIVE hardware...


Forward 10 days 26/07-2018 we contact HTC support

4 HTC VIVES DEAD, no responce from HTC support, ther esupport line is closed down. only way to contact them is over mail.

So i do whit no respons...

i just get back the standard Ropot respons.


at this point i give up. take contact to KatVR. explaining them everything thay take contact to HTC.


Forward 15 days 15/08-2018 we are now mid August

nothing new from HTC support. same day a package from UPS, our 2 HTC VIVEs been returned.

not repaired. KatVR tells us to just send them to them and they will replace.


So my conclusion is to day now 3 month after.

HTC you are doing a great job, i love you'r product. our customors enjoy every minut they play, and from those that we sold no one regretted their choice.


BUT i have to say this, customer service, im telling my customers every day what a great product HTC is and how the future of gaming is today. But i can't keep telling my customers how great the VIVE is when theres so many other brands out there. getting close to the same, in the end everything is going to be custemer support.


I had a chat whit some of my colleagues in the VR buisness at EAS this year and they all had the same complaint about customer service.

in a matter of months, an update will be given to our machines, that will allow the use of Oculus Rift.

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