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Vive Games on Vive Pro


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 - Absolutely, Vive Pro is a SteamVR HMD and thus anything that's designed for Vive will work well with Pro and should work with other SteamVR HMD's (with some backend caveats).


The filter in Viveport is highlighting titles that have been reported by the developer to be optimized/compatible for Pro. This filter exists because some titles that have low rez shading and texturing can actually look worse on the Pro than the original Vive due to the resolution bump. It is by no-means an exhaustive list of titles and are basically suggestions for titles that make the most of the enhancements. In the future there may be titles that integrate the stereoscopic cameras which could potentially limit some titles to compatible hardware but that is not currently the case. 

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Thank you for the detailed response! I appreciate the clarification. I thought it was nonsensical that the Vive Pro wouldn't be able to play the Vive games but I just wanted to double check before spending the money.



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