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Vive pro displayport to HDMI


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I bought a Htc Vive Pro kit and when i opened i realised that was needed a displayport, but i dont have any, and my computer only have the hdmi port, my notebook is Samsung odyssey, i know as you said that hdmi/displayport adaptor does not work so what i need to do to make it work on this computer? Even a Hdmi/Playport 4k does not work?

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What is your specific laptop model?


The Vive Pro is strictly a Displayport 1.2+ device and no combination of HDMI adapter, converter, cable, ect... will successfully drive the displays via an HDMI port - HDMI is simply unable to handle the bandwidth and signaling requirements of the Pro. If you have a MiniDisplayport that's capable of Displayport 1.2+, I can tell you which cables are compatible. 

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