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, I am starting a support ticket with the email address that's associated with your forum account. 


This is confusing - Within SteamVR ecosystem - the application is never responsible for generating the chaparone bounds; it's entirely done at the SteamVR compositor level. Can you please verify what your local chaparone settings are within SteamVR's in-HMD settings page? I played on this build all weekend and had no issues with the chaparone system and have tested it on a few other machines to the same result. Here is a 3rd party guide that covers these settings. 

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, we're confused about this. When you are playing around with chaperone settings, it will show the chaperones for a brief time (~10 seconds) to allow you to see your changes in effect. The chaperones are not designed to be always on - that would be very distracting and would ruin immersion. They're only designed to turn on when you approach the edge of your playspace. Them being invisible when you're in the center of the room is 100% normal and ideal. Can you report by if they work as expected when you approach the edge of the play space using the beginner or intermdate setting with the opacity turned up? You can click the "floor bounds always on" to be able to see the outline of the room at all times but using the standard dashboards you cannot keep the chaperones themselves always on. 


I think the link I tried to post above was broken - this was the guide I was referring to: 


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Oh, yeah that's the problem, I think I missunderstood you. When I approach the edge of my play area the chaperone bounds doesn't show up. I have my settings on beginner and opacity turned to 100% (because you can't trust your guests).

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