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Juddering and freezing issues


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I have had my vive for about a year now and have had no issues with it. Seemingly, after this last update, I am having juddering and freezing issues. it judders constantly as I turn and flat out freezes for about 5 seconds every 15 seconds or so. First I tired un and reinstalling the software and when that did not work I wiped my entire drive, reloaded windows and all the software and I am still having the same problem. Someone, please help....

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You can isolate it to the most recent SteamVR branch by reverting to the current safety branch - details on how to do so can be found here. If it is based in SteamVR - you may want to launch a ticket or thread within their support channels as we're involved primarily in the hardware domain and not the SteamVR compositor. 


Do you have motion smoothing turned on? Are you running a SS value higher than 100%? 

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