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Code for Fallout 4 VR


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i Bought the 12 months subscription on Fallout 4 Vr deal,Had 42 minute conversation with online chat,There trying to say that i wont be getting Fallout 4 as the deal expired 14th Nov ,Also said was just for Halloween,And then its only 50% off,Not even sure the guy i was speaking to knew what was going on

This is when i was cutoff from live chat 

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There were two Fallout promos this month. The first one ran from Nov 6-14th with codes distributed on the 18th. The Black Friday specific one that your purchase was covered under will see codes distributed on Nov 30th. 


Please see https://community.viveport.com/t5/Technical-Support/Did-not-get-or-do-not-know-ahere-to-find-my-fallout-4-steam-code/m-p/26034/highlight/true?__woopraid=nmRSHZ9z5tvO#M10376 

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