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Vive Pro Grey Screen


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I have moved from a Rift to a Vive Pro and I am having serious problems.

I have done all the neccessary covering or removing of reflective surfaces.

I use the headset in a racing simulator.

When the motion system is activated I only have to cover one or two sensors on the headset and it goes completly crazy then grey.

This also happens in the same way when I power up my Simxperience Accuforce wheel, thus rendering the headset completey useless with anything on.

Things improve if I move away from the rig. One or two sensors make no difference.

It is totally clean when these items are off.

I have already exchanged this headset, believing it to be faulty, which it inherently appears to be.

It seems to be reacting to outside electromagnetic interference or something. There is no other infrared in the room.

Base stations are the latest 2.0.

Graphics card is Gigabyte G1 GTX1080

CPU is Intel i7 7700K

MB is Asus Roc Strix Z270F

All firmware and software at latest versions.

I will try chat  tomorrow as a ticket got no response, failing that it's going back.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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I can't speak for the Oculus since I don't have one, but both the original Vive and Pro show a grey screen when tracking fails. The things you've tried are the usual, and work for some people, but I believe the symptom, a grey screen, has many possible causes, so it's not an easy fix. Try creating a system report in SteamVR when the issue occurs. Don't turn off SteamVR or the Vive, just take it off, go to the computer, and run a system report from SteamVR settings. You should at least get some logs you can work with. Good luck!

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, We sometimes see these errors with wheels - typically it's because the large electromagnetic motor inside the wheel is leaking large amounts of EM interference and is not properly shielded. Sometimes it can be because the variable power draw from the motor is affecting your mains circuit which can affect tracking by causing power supply inconsistencies to the basestations. 

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