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Wireless Adpater and VIVE DELUXE AUDIO STRAP


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But will the Audio Strap work with the Wireless Adapter Kit. I have a Regular Vive and have already bought the Wireless Adapter and it relies on the straps of the stock Vive HDM to hold it in place, will the Wireless Adapter work with the Deluxe Audio Strap?

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Are you referring to the troubleshooting guide or the User manual. In any case, I can't find this reference (and will try to remove it if you point it out). 


In any case, any QC 3.0 charger will work - as long as it has the QC rating, you're good to go - it tends to pay off to stick to known brands when it comes to batteries and chargers. A good quality one shouldn't run more than $15 on the high end for a single port charger.


That said, you can also charge this pack with any AC/DC adapter or a USB 3.x port - the higher the output, the faster the charge. QC is indeed faster but it reduces the long term lifespan of batteries due to the increased stress. 

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