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Desperately seeking help to connect Vive Pro in Parallels


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Has anyone got an experience of connecting Vive Pro to iMac in Parallels?


First of all. I have no problems to connect Vive to my  iMac, it works perfectly. Due to a modest choise of content, would like to use it in Windows 10. I use a USB-c to DisplayPort adapter.


However, I have desperately been trying to launch a headset through Parallels and seek your help. When I open SteamVR, it can't see the headset. After rebooting it, the device is connected, but there is no light in the headset and in a few seconds a window pops up saying the headset is not connected properly (error 208).


I have reinstalled SteamVR, unpluged/pluggled back the cables, disabled Power manager in Developer settings and no result. Some people say they managed to resolved this problem by having created a second display. In Windows 10 settings my computer indentifies only one display, and can't detect second one (((


Any suggestions please!!!

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I'm not sure Parallels is going to be compatible with Vive. We don't usually suggest running Vive through a virtual machine. I know some users have tried to do that earlier, but I'm not aware that anyone has ever gotten it to work. In general, we recommend running on the native OS.

Thank you,

-John C

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