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Focus loses tracking under load?


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I've been porting my Vive app to the Vive Focus using the Wave SDK, and I occasionally see a problem where the Focus's tracking goes all over the place while the app is under a bit more load (specifically while loading a video from the internal storage). Typically, the tracking will start to drift a bit and then completely glitch out and dump be some 50 metres from the origin saying that I went out of bounds. Taking the headset off and putting it back on re-establishes correct tracking.


I haven't been able to find anything about this via google (it just brings up tracking issues with the regular Vive), so I was wondering whether anyone has experienced similar issues or whether that's just a known thing I need to work around? I'm using Unity (currently on 2018.2.5f) and I'm seeing this issue with both the 2.1.0 and 2.1.8 SDK versions.

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The pose data of QCT SDM835 is generated by aDSP, and loading a video should be handled by CPU.

So there shouldn't be influenced each other theoretically.

Since Vive Focus is CV (computer vision), in-side-out, solution, the tracking will be impacted by environment a lot.


Please check the room first.

  1. The luminance of the room should be light, you should avoid play Focus is dim or dark room.
  2. You should also avoid play Focus in less feature room like empty room with white painting wall or huge room without furniture nearby


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Thanks for the reply Tony. I don't think the lighting in the room is an issue, because I'm only seeing this problem when loading a video. Under normal use, the tracking seems to be very stable in my room. Do you have any suggestions for diagnosing this problem in more detail?

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