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Base station firmware update kills the base station dead


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I have a brand new VIVE and a Alienware R7 that worked fine for a month. Then I get a notice to update the base station firmware.  That update successfully killed my base station. No lights no nothing. I already tried using anothe power cord, nothing happened. This fimware update totally kill my  investment on VR Gaming. Now I just have one working base station. Any idea how to recover my base station?

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This is a repair that should be covered under warranty. Please use the live chat on the "contact us" page for your region and ask for a basestation 1.0 RMA and briefly describe the issue (please avoid using the email form)  https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/ 


You can use the remaining basestation in single station mode by switching it over to channel A during the repair process. 

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