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will not launch


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I'm having the same issue.  Uninstalled both steam and vive, reinstalled, everything with steam is working, but when I try to launch viveport, get the following:

VIVEPort application not found.


Also, during install, the following file was not able to be found - looking for a place where i can download it from?


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, One of our technical specialist responded yesterday to your support request via email with additional steps: 


Could you please try this solution

1. download MSI force uninstall tool from

2. Execute this tool an force uninstall Viveport package

3. install Viveport Desktop again

Please keep in touch with us via the support ticket and let us know if this helps your issue - the ticketing system will yield faster response times and ensure that we can track the status of your issue. 

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Thanks - worked with someone on chat, found out this is a Windows 10 issue:






Before running this tool, i went into c:\users\...\appdata, and removed all folders for HTC in roaming, local, and local low (for all users). Then ran the above windows troubleshooter, and was able to finally install!!!


Thanks to all that have helped, including Hernan P on chat



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some apps that worked before will not launch  I get thes codes 1037741819  and 1073741674 no one at tech support  knows what they mean. some apps work great and some will not launch. I get the same if I try steam or viveport. Thanks

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