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Two vives in the same play area


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I'm having trouble finding any good information on how multiple Vives work together.


My girlfriend and I have a studio apartment where our main playing space is around 20x20 feet. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Vive Pro with the SteamVR 2.0 Base stations and giving her my current normal Vive. Would we be able to use these in the same play space at the same time. Her and I may not always be playing the same games either (So both system would be running on different computers). I'm not entirely sure how all these components work with eachother and if there could be any sort of incompatibility. Could anyone please let me know if this setup would work, and if not, what might need changing?


Also, I'm hoping that upgrading to the 2.0 base stations would help with some connectivity issues I've been experiencing with the controllers since I have the current 1.0 base stations setup at their max distance ~15ft (It's the only configuration where I mount the base stations and still have sight of me in my play area, if she had these for her play area, they could be mounted a bit closer to her.)  Would the 2.0 Base stations improve the tracking of the controllers?

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