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  • Hi everyone,

I am working on a project that requires HTC ViveTracker on Unity (version 2018.1.1f1). Somehow, the position data received from the vive tracker is not the same as the hmd (the position is somehow offseted). This means that in the play mode, the tracked object (using the vive tracker) is very far away from the HMD. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have also updated all of the firmwares (base stations and tracker) to the latest.

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For a quick fix, I have written a script to manually offset the item. I have also attached a camera on the object so that I can see where the object is. And when using the oculus touch, the object works fine (camera shows where the object is). However, when the script is added to offset the tracked item, the camera shows that the object is infront of the HMD while the object's mesh renderer is still in the offseted position (same as when before the script is added). Anyone knows why?

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