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[URGENT] VIVE Wireless not working on AMD Ryzen chips. Fix imminent?


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    I have an AMD system, love AMD. My frustrations is in the fact that the $350 wireless headset I have waited months for does not work on AMD systems.


note: AMD, as well as VIVE has made statements. I will attach the VIVE statement below 


     Months to develop and does not even work on and AMD system. My only conclusion is your team did not even bother to test on AMD hardware). Was the team developing this wireless system NOT testing on AMD hardware? I do not understand how such a catastrophoc event could happen, unless the team working on this did not even bother to test on AMD. Was there just a general asssumtption that "since it works on Intel it MUST work on AMD, lets ship them"? That is poor judgement in my opinion.


     So I would like honest opinions from community members and community managers on if this issue will even BE fixed. Or I should just return it. What is the percentage you think VIVE will fix this? 70%, 30%, 0%?


As we know, AMD is an emerging market in the field of gaming. We have never seeen AMD at such a competitive race against intel since (who knows how long ago). So I think VIVE should do something about this. 


Thanks for the feedback, 



HERE is the official statement from VIVE regarding this issue. Very vague, very short. Tells me that it won't be fixed. Hopefully poeple can shed me some more light on this.

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