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IPD below 60


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When I measure my IPD it's about 54, so I got it done at the eye doctor's last visit.  55.8 (and I'm 45, not 14).


I am definitely getting headaches when using the Vive Pro headset, especially once I take it off and go back to looking at a computer screen.  Looking at some videos of the internals of the Vive Pro it seems due to the video display size, when the IPD setting is all the way in there is not physically any closer the eyepieces can go. 


Is there any other solution possible?  Is there any type of optical glass that can be made as an insert that shift each eye inwards a few mm?  Researching this on the net seems there are a LOT of people below 58, and very very few above 70.   Also, I have 3 kids, all with IPD well below 60. 


It seems this issue has lingered for a long time.  As an engineer and developer, seem it time this issue be looked at in more detail...could give a lot of users just one more reason to buy the Vive if it were available.

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Hello ,

The IP range of the Pro is ~60.7-73.5mm and as you found out - it's a physical limit. This ultimately is dependent on a couple of things: primarily the physical size of the displays, the properties of the lenses, and the construction of the housing (which is dependent on the first two factors).


If you want to really dive into it - the VR industry is currently entirely dependent on the mobile phone industry for certain components. R&D into the types of screens are required for VR are basically only paid for by the biggest cell phone companies like Samsung that operate the handful of "foundries" capable of producing that type of semiconductor tech. The resulting screens are of a form factor that works for VR but is really purpose built for mobiles. Vive and Oculus' both use Samsung manufactured screens because Samsung got really good at making these types of OLED displays with their Galaxy line of products. The machining used to make these displays is really specialized for this specific form factor. 


As VR displays become legit VR-specific displays, you'll almost certainly see more stuff on the lower end of the IPD spectrum. Per the kids - we don't recommend VR for children under 12 - there's a ton of unknowns there.


I don't think you can correct this with more lens material - that would just add further distortion. Does increasing the eye relief help at all? 


P.S. The ideal IPD within the HMD actually isn't 100% reflective of your real IPD due to complex lens maths. For instance I am 64mm but I see best at 62.2 in the HMD. 

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Glad to see the topic and the detailed response, thanks to both of you.


I must be a mutant - I'm 6'3, not particularly overweight and I have to set the IPD as low as it will go.  I did some testing by closing one eye and seeing if I was in the sweetspot, then changing which eye was closed and pushing the HMD a bit left or right until it was as clear as it gets.  If I had to guess, I'd say the best outcome for me for both eyes would be an IPD adjustment around 58.5 or so.  My girlfriend simply can't use it as she's too small to get clarity (we're both 40+, so adults).


I really do have a situation where if one eye is clear the other is blurry.  I target shoot and know that I'm very left eye dominant, so I just go with that.


Would the Vive Pro be any better?  I know the IPD is about the same but I'm wondering if the higher resolution helps compensate.


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, You'd see something similar or identical with Vive Pro. You can always try measuring your IPD so you have a ballpark of where you ought to be; we actually started including paper rulers with the Vive Pro to assist with that. Increasing the lens relief (distance from the lenses to your eyes) may work; otherwise it's a limitation with current gen VR. 

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