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Base station showing only dim red light?


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I've just got my Vive in the mail and followed the steps for setting up the base stations. The base stations acted normally until after SteamVR instructed me to update the firmware, at which point base station b began only showing a dim red light, and will no longer connect to SteamVr. Anybody have a suggestion?

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I'm experiencing the same issue. It's very frustrating as I just dropped a lot of money and I was excited to set it up. Right after completing the installer, before room setup, I updated the firmware on the headset and base stations. For the base station that won't power on and shows only a very dim red led, I'm pretty sure the firmware update was running when windows finished installing the usb driver for the base station. It's very strange because while the base isn't detected in steamvr home, it shows up over bluetooth in the settings and under the 'USB' section.

I just really hope this $150 base station is not bricked :(

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