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GTX1080 Using tripple monitor setup question.


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As per subject, I have a vive pro and have no open display port because I use all three for my displays. Can I use a displayport splitter? What I am doing to get by is to have a displayport extension that I use to switch between monitor and vr. However this screws up my surround setup and I have to reconfigure it each time. Kind of a pain.


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, It unfortunately has to be plugged directly into the Displayport port directly without any adapters in-line. VR displays never work with adapters or splitters - they will not enumerate correctly.  A free Displayport port is a requirement to run the Pro - there's really no way around that.


You can try running one two of the monitors off a single DP port - that may work depending on the type of signal you're trying to output. Typically speaking, most Displayport extenders will not work with Pro because Displayport is a pretty loose standard not meant to go past 2 meters in length so there's a huge variety in cable quality. You want to aim for something that can output 4K at a minimum of 20gbps. Ideally you'd stick to the stock cable setup - it can be very difficult to try and extend the setup. 

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Thank you for the speedy response. I was afraid of that. I am using the extension cable because it is a pain to access the back of my rig and makes swaping much easier. It seems to be working without issue.

This cable I am using seems to foot the bill.


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