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Lighthouse layout


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This is definitely on the limit of 1.0 tracking but may be possible when using the sync cable. If you do use 2.0 tracking, this may be possible with 2 - 2.0 basestations as they have a slightly longer range but it's really more ideal for 3 or possibly 4 if you have access to those additional units via the enterprise full kit bundles.


The key to 2.0 tracking is that it has substantially larger horizontal FOV compared to the 1.0 stations. The way to maximize their effective coverage area is to not mount them directly into 90 degree corners as they have a 150 degrees of FOV and you'll waste 60 of them in a corner. Ideally you'd mount them on both sides of the long axis, inset from the corner as shown in the diagram below. If using wired units, you'd want to have the PC's on different sides of the room if possible. If using wireless, keep in mind that the transceiver range is ~6 meters and that the PC side transceiver has a 150x150 FOV. If you only have 2 basestations, using the diagram below you'd want to mount in the top left and bottom right positions as you can see you can cover quite a bit with those two units in that arrangement - it just depends on the distances involved bearing in mind the 6M range.

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