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One base station seems to have a sync problem


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Since today, one of my base station seems to have a problem.


When I turn off the steam VR, the first station goes to sleep in a few seconds but the second one starts to blink (white color) and eventually goes to sleep after a long time. There is no problem to start both stations (even if one is longer than the other)


When I want to check in Parameters, I can see that (Energy management for the base station) : https://goopics.net/i/P8mv4

There is no additional informations. If I want to "Identify the base station", it doesn't work (nothing happens) with this one.


No firmware update available, no problem while playing, steam VR detect both stations ...


Tha warranty ends in one month, do you think I should try to contact HTC ? Do you have any other idea ?


Thanks a lot.

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