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Fallout 4 VR promotion


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I signed up for a Viveport subscription after seeing ads on instagram saying I would receive Fallout 4 VR for free. I mulled it over and decided to sign up. I went to the website to sign up and found an add on the Viveport website for Fallout 4 VR with subscription. I clicked on it and went through most of the checkout. I didn't see Fallout 4 mentioned anywhere so I went back and did the same thing. I found an ad on the website, but this time I looked and did not see any terms like "ends mm/dd" or "must sign up for x month". I figured I would get an email after or it would just be put into my steam account. So I follow the link and this time go all the way through. I still don't see anything in my email or in my Viveport account or in my steam account. I though maybe it wil take a few hours or something.

The next day I googled it to see if there was any terms and I saw, "codes will be sent by email on Novemeber 30th", okay, great I just need to wait, that's fine. November 30th comes around and nothin in my email, nothing in my steam or Viveport accounts. Same on December 1st and 2nd.

Today I went through the Vive support and they were no help. Apparently the Fallout 4 VR promotion was actually offered twice 11/6 to 11/14 and 11/20 to 11/27. I signed up on 11/19. I had been seeing ads for "Fallout 4 VR free with subscription" for at least a week prior to signing up and had even followed an ad to sign up. They told me there was nothing they could do unless there was a technical issue and to come here and someone could help me out. I chatted with a supervisor after that and they asked me if I had any proof of the ad I followed. I told him that I don't take screeshots of everything I click on. He again told me to come here.

So here I am because I don't have proof that Viveport was advertising for the promotion when I signed up. Anyway, what can be done about this? I would either like a Steam code for Fallout 4 VR like I wanted from the beginning or to have my subscription refunded.


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There's a sticky about this in the Technical Support subforum. Here are the details.

The redemption steps to get your Steam key are as follows:

  1. Visit www.viveport.com/myredeem

  2. Sign into your HTC account (the account associated with your pre-paid subscription purchase)

  3. You should then see your Steam code

  4. Redeem the code via the Steam client – click ‘Add Game’ at the bottom left of the client interface

If you have any issues, you can email store@viveport.com to start a support ticket.

Thank you,

-John C

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