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Vive wireless is stuttering with artifacts


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I Recieved the HTC VIVE wireless adapter today. Once setup, I see constant stuttering and artifacts. It is unusable. Does anyone know what my issue may be? Thanks.



System specs:



32GB ram 3466 MHz

Z390 asrock Taichi Ultimate



*Bios and drivers are up to date

Wireless setup:

Card connected to (PCIe 3.0 x 1)

Wireless base is right next to play area.



Htc vive:

All devices are up to date on firmware (headset,controller,lighthouses)

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I moved the card to the other avalible slot. It is still not working. This time however it made it past "pull triger to locate monitor". Then when it came to setting the perimeter the controllers were not moving on my screen. The program didnt crash, as I was able to back up, but controllers would not move on screen. I closed out again and when I tried room setup again it crashes at or before "pull trigger to locate monitor" It still stutters and has artifacts.

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Thank you for your response Maribel. At this point and time I am returning the wireless adapter. I spent an hour with vive support and walked away from it with a bad view of vive support. They told me more than likely my issue was that I had 2 ssd's and that wireless was saved on C: and steam and all my games were on D:. It was an extremely hard decision to delete my steam account and all my games. However I did so with the understanding I would install steam, steam vr, and vive wireles on C: then put my games data on D:. After deleting EVERYTHING I was told NO, you also have to put all your games on C:...  I explained that C: is a boot drive and D: is my gaming/storage drive. They told me, well then it wont work. I asked why wouldnt the devs give me the option to save wireless to D:? That would save all this hassle.

  I was now beyond frustrated because I have a more than capable computer and I just erased all my games. Litterally hours gone.  I figure what that I heck I already deleted everything let me put everything on C: I try out the vive support plan. Still didnt work..

Thank you Maribel for your help, but honestly I'm done with vive for now. Customer support had nothing to offer, and it seems like they use the generosity of their community to try to fix their problems. I was beyond excited to have wireless and built my entire computer around it. This stuff is very expensive and I feel we deserive a bit more help then what we get. Signing off now before I get to more angry and toxic. Take care.

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