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Vive Controller disconnects every 30 seconds


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One of my Vive controllers disconnects every 30 seconds.  If I hold the System button, it will power back on for another 30 seconds.  It will do this infinitely.  While plugged in, it will remain connected.

I've tried every major troubleshooting step, resetting the controller by holding all buttons besides the System button and plugging it in, I've tried removing all USB drivers and re-installing, I've tried both Steam and SteamVR in the release branch and beta branch.  I've made sure Windows, Steam, Vive and controller firmware, and graphics card drivers are all updated.

I have noticed that when trying to update firmware, Steam mentions that there's an "Unkown Tracked Object Class" attached, and is fully updated.

Let me know what I should do, if it's an issue with the Watchman adapter in the headset, or the controller, etc.

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