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Vive Pro Tracking problems


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I´m having trouble with a VR Arcade that we recently installed, is a room with 24 booths ,each one with a new Vive Pro and a pair of Light House 2.0 and they are devided by a wall, they´re next to each other.

Each cabin is 2x2m and is a seated experience.

The problem that we have is that after hours of use the tracking system goes crazy and stop working properly.

We have checked if there is any interfirience between setups but the "Room Overview" shows that every single machine recieves the camera and headset that needs.
Sorry for my english.

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So yeah it is a random behaviour, of the 24 headsets after 2 or 3 hours most of them start having problems of calibration, only 10 of them remain calibrated so it happens at the same time, we reboot the computers to see if we can get them up running but that doesnt work at all, we have to calibrate the standing position and again after a few hours the problem comes back, and some times it solves by itself with a reboot but not all the time.

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Here you have a layout of the Arcade, the X marks the last headsets that failed , but other times we have problems with others and the ones that failed recover the tracking, i have changed the camera channels but we only have 16 channels so i have to repeat like 4 times a channel but they dont see each other cuse there is a wall between the halls, i have checked that out in the room Overview

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It's almost certainly environmental. there's no way they're failing that often for some other reason. Are all booths being used pretty much consistently throughout the day? If 3, 4 and 6 fail, was anyone on 1, 2 or 5?

Failure seems more frequent in booths facing other booths, rather than the ones on the end. What are you using for UPSs?

Thank you,

-John C

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