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Missing Fallout 4 Subscription Promo (Black Friday Edition)


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Will someone please get ahold of me about this, I have tried contacting support through the ticket system but they never responded. I tried live chat and all that guy said was to wait a few days. I have the email reciept for my 12mo subscription purchased during the black friday 2018 sale but still no steam key or even a "we're experiencing delays" email in regards to the non delivery of keys. 

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 - I've started a Viveport support ticket via the email address associated with your forum account. Please use this thread to communicate with us on this issue. 


For visiblity; these are the FO4 redemption instructions that were contained in the Nov 30th email. 

  1. Visit www.viveport.com/myredeem

  2. Sign into your HTC account (the account associated with your pre-paid subscription purchase)

  3. You should then see your Steam code 

  4. Redeem the code via the Steam client – click ‘Add Game’ at the bottom left of the client interface.

If you have any issues, you can email store@viveport.com to start a Viveport support ticket.

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During my conversation with support staff I was informed that the key would be delivered to my email and to keep an eye out in my spam folder just in case. Turns out support was wrong and I simply had to go to viveport/redeem which I had mistakenly assumed was only useful for those redeeming the post cards sent with vive kits.

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