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Error 108/208 in SteamVR but only in my house, need help/suggestions


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Hi all,

My Vive headset was acting up, the screen was gloing black mid game or I would get random disconnects with error 108 or 208. However, I now get a permanat error 108 now with a flashing power LED on the headset.

I have tried bypassing the link box with all cables including power bypassing the linkbox and using gauranteed cables I know work for the usb and hdmi.

but where this hets weird is I lent my headset (with headset cables)  to a friend that also has a vive and he said it worked first time!

I cannot understand how if I just plug the power in with no other cables at all I get a blinking power LED which suggests hardware failure yet for him it worked plugging it all in normally through the link box etc.

the thing is because I got freaked it was broken I decided to order the PRO headset rather than mess about RMAing. So I am now super worried that won't work and I will have no idea what is wrong!


any suggestions on what I should check or do?


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