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Riftcat steamvr streaming to Vive Focus


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Ok, think i have got this riftcat and vive focus running pretty well now (same applies for others which want to stream via steam vr or similar) latency around 30ms or so
my new setup
room with router
powerline plug connected via network cable to router (2.4g - but thats irrelevant as will be mentioned later)
Room with PC
powerline plug with wifi extender and network cable connected directly to pc 80211ac usb wifi dongle (set manually to ac mode) Hotspot mode turned on giving warning that device is over 2.4ghz mode.
Vive focus
Connects to the wifi hotspot and runs the optimised version of vridge for the focus
Riftcat pc settings v.2.27 stable
2560x1440, 75fps (native) bitrate 20mbs. nvenc, prevent frame loss mode The result is silky smooth streaming and playback of steamvr games. controller latency and positional/head tracking works great with low latency. No positional tracking on the controller obviously  and single touch controller but ideal for controlgamepad based games
No corruption, although compression artifacts can be reduced by moving bitrate up
quicksync and hevc mode crashes (due to more likely the vridge app on the focus not supporting hevc possibly)
ofcourse if you have a 5ghz router in the same room, then no need for powerline adapter and hotspot, but that direct ethernet connection from router to pc helps somewhat
One thing to also bear in mind is that performance increased when using the CFOSSpeed (also provided with the msi gaming lan manager).  this reschedules packets and i found that response and latency were improved with this active
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