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Vive wireless adapter and AMD Vishera Processor


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Just wondered if anybody has had experience of using the wireless adapter with a AMD Vishera Processor? Obviously aware of Ryzen issues but wasn't sure whether this was effecting other AMD processors as well - or just confined to Ryzen? Any feedback would be gratefully received.

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I haven't heard of any firsthand accounts of problems with AMD-based chipsets other than the ongoing case with Ryzen-based chipsets. It's not the CPU we're investigating but rather the architectures of the motherboards that host the CPUs - Ryzens requires a very specific architecture. 


Vishera CPUs are pretty dated at this point. Your issue may be pure processing speed rather than any potential chipset conflicts. The wireless adapter is a pretty CPU-heavy add-on so you'll need as much processing power as possible to allow for overhead on demanding apps - an older Vishera CPU simply may not have the requisite preformance. It may work though if you have one of the newer ones released ~2013.

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Thanks David. Really appreciate your feedback.

I understand what you are saying about the processing power of the Vishera.

It is a one of the later versions and has been running Vive with no problems - so it might have a chance!

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